Indian vs Pakistani Honor Killings

A very well researched article

Although Hindu honor killing is a gruesome and sordid affair, it differs in many important respects from honor killing in neighboring Pakistan and other Muslim countries. Indian Hindus murder men for honor more often than do Pakistani Muslims, and they murder for reasons mainly related to concerns about caste purity.

Perhaps the most striking characteristic of Hindu honor killings is the fact that Indians abandon the horrific practice when they migrate to the West whereas many Pakistani Muslims carry it with them. Part of the explanation may lie in their different patterns of acculturation upon immigrating to the West. Young Hindus in the West are no less prone to violate traditional social codes than young Muslims, and their parents may be no less furious when they do, but Hindu families in the West do not feel the same degree of public humiliation and shame as they might experience back in India. They are eager to preserve their cultural identity but not at the expense of alienating their adoptive communities. The absence of dreaded khap panchayats no doubt mitigates the consequences of dishonor.

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Religious tolerance

This is a million dollar photo, couldn’t help but sharing it. A Muslim mother preparing her son for a competition generally held on Krisha-Janmashtami (translation: Krishna’s birth day), a rare scene, at least for me! I have never seen anything like before.

Muslim mother Krishna son
Religious tolerance

I don’t know what level of answer it provides for the doubts raised on religious intolerance, may not be a lot. May be it is a remote case. But, this does show a straight middle finger to clerics who declare “thou shall not worship Gods of other religion”.

Credits: I don’t know whom to give credit, looks like nobody does! For the time being thanks to Jo for sharing it.