Quotes on policing wives

Here you go, couple of quotes on wives!, How she should behave and how not:

कार्येषु मन्त्री करणेषु दासी रुपेषु लक्ष्मीः क्षमया धरित्री
स्नेहेषु माता शयनेशु वेश्या षट्कर्मनारी कुलधर्मपत्नी

Translation : Work efficiency like a counselor, work ability like a maid, as beautiful as goddess Lakshmi, forgiveness like earth herself,  friend like a mother, and in end of the day like a courtesan – are the six expected virtue of a wife.

Not too bad eh? wait for it..

विवादशीलां स्वयमर्थचोरिणीं परानुकूलां पतिदोषभाषिणीम्
अग्राशिनीमन्यगृहप्रवेशिनीं भार्यां त्यजेत्पुत्रदशप्रसूतिकाम्

Translation : One who pick the quarrel, one who steals her own money, one with infidelity, one who talk about the faults of her husband, one who eats before her husband (?!?) should not be accepted, even if she bore 10 sons for you.

Please note: these were written roughly couple of millenniums ago. So, please consider the social context of 200 BCE before (or while) judging. I am still searching for sources, perhaps its the same guy who wrote women don’t deserve freedom.

And a sexist advert to go by the post. 

vintge sexist adverts
vintge sexist adverts

Carnatic music and deadly mispronunciations

I recently observed many of Carnatic signers mispronounce words in a well defined lyric.

carnatic music
carnatic music – toon by Keshav, The Hindi (http://www.thehindu.com)

It is surprising because some of these are very common words in day to day conversation; also these songs have been around from ages. Sad part is, this is not limited just with junior artists, seen this with senior singers as well. For example, sharanu is being pronounced as charanu; not sure if they realise this gives a totally different meaning how originally intended. Sharanu is surrender and charanu in feat!

The charanu might still be harmless change. Sharanu siddhivinayaka… if changed charanu siddhivinayaka…; is like changing ‘surrender to lord ganesha’ into ‘feat of lord ganesha’. It gives different meaning, but still fits the purpose of praising the lord. But, all such word mutations don’t end so well. Take this example: If you know the song ‘gajaananam bhotaganaadisevitam…’; there is a ‘Phalasaara bhakshitam…’ in-between. A lot of people sing it as ‘palasaara bhakshitam…’; which is about a changing ‘fruit enthusiast’ to a ‘meat eater’!

I thought there will be some heated discussion over internet. For my surprise, even by the fans of a very conservative art form, this phenomenon is being forgiven by those who noted it. Music might not have a language, but your lyric does, isn’t it?

There is no question on the achievement in this field and dedication, generations of artists have maintained and enriched all attributes of this form of music, but if lyrics are ignored, that is one purpose failed. Decades spent on learning music, why not spend a fraction of it to learn the meaning as well?

On a separate note: There is a famous quote in Sanskrit “api mAsam masam kuryAt chandobhangam na kArayet” which perhaps written much before Carnatic music became classical. This translates to “you can change, if required, from mAsam (beans) to masam (month) but never ever should break the rhythm of a poem”. In other words, this is the famous poetic licence taken (rather imposed) by pretty much all poets till last century. But note, that was a provision rather than freedom.

Blasphemies again

Blasphemy cases in India are mostly one way traffic ! For example, Sanal Edmaraku do you remember? He had to flee India to avoid arrest for showing scientific temper and exposing a hoax, while guys like this make complete use of “freedom of his religion” and get away with that !

There are already some Taliban style Fatwa’s on him, but we all know nothing much gonna happen anyway.


There is nothing much to worry about him though, he will not be the next Malik Kafur! I know this kind, I have seen many, he’s going to spend rest of his life writing heart_and_arrow signs on public toilet doors and may be some sex toons too.

But I am worried about Sanal, he represents free speech and scientific temper in India, and I am guessing blasphemy case on him will stay for next couple of decades!

Let me know your thoughts anyway.

Indian vs Pakistani Honor Killings

A very well researched article

Although Hindu honor killing is a gruesome and sordid affair, it differs in many important respects from honor killing in neighboring Pakistan and other Muslim countries. Indian Hindus murder men for honor more often than do Pakistani Muslims, and they murder for reasons mainly related to concerns about caste purity.

Perhaps the most striking characteristic of Hindu honor killings is the fact that Indians abandon the horrific practice when they migrate to the West whereas many Pakistani Muslims carry it with them. Part of the explanation may lie in their different patterns of acculturation upon immigrating to the West. Young Hindus in the West are no less prone to violate traditional social codes than young Muslims, and their parents may be no less furious when they do, but Hindu families in the West do not feel the same degree of public humiliation and shame as they might experience back in India. They are eager to preserve their cultural identity but not at the expense of alienating their adoptive communities. The absence of dreaded khap panchayats no doubt mitigates the consequences of dishonor.

read more on  Middle east forum by Phyllis Chesler and Nathan Bloom

Molest the molesters !

While Assam police hunts for the molesters, discussion is still ON, if she deserved it or she din’t. The comments “because she was there out late night”, “she was in miniskirt”  and ” ’cause she was a loud-mouth” are really not uncommon! You must be already familiar with these cultural protectors who tend to forget women get molested even mid-afternoons, even if draped in Saree and even if she was at her home or college.

Back to molesters, they have really changed these days! They feel no shame facing camera during the act, in-fact they were acting like she was a trophy! One of them is “bond” in Facebook (make him famous):

Share it if you wish to. Read the comments if you have time, you can see shocking trend! Facebook users have written verdict “hang him!” , “castrate him!” etc etc. Most uncivilised among them was “do the same to his loved ones!”. Can you believe it ! There are actually people suggesting to molest loved ones of a person accused of molesting! Probably these are the guys who wanted to molest that night, but couldn’t, since there weren’t in right spot! Now that they missed chance, they want to start a pyramid structured molestation camp!

Incredible India

Take this. This is called real feedback…

The first thing that strikes you about India is how dirty it is. In a word, the place is disgusting. All of it. The entire country. Never before have I seen mountains of garbage the size of a small house stacked on the side of a road, in broad daylight, in the middle of a city, repeatedly. Dumpsters tipped over and overflowing. Mounds of trash — wrappers, cups, papers, napkins, strewn all about, mixed with sludge from the soda and urine and spit coagulated from thousands of daily passersby.

There’s no single sentence for India. The place is a fucking mess. And it’s the only country that I’ve ever been to where I left more confused than when I arrived. My search for meaning came up empty time and time again

read further a dust over India

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The Kumari Kandam

Just finished reading “Breaking India” by Rajiv Malhotra and Aravindan Neelakandan, a fantastic fantastic read.! I must admit, I did not agree with some of the arguments they presented, but they were very compelling. I would highly recommend it, its not worth a miss.

One of topics book covered was Lemuria aka Kumari Kandam ! I swear on FlyingSpaghettiMonster, I never heard such thing before.!

Here, straight from Wikipedia entry :

Kumari Kandam (Kumarikkaṇṭam) is the name of a supposed sunken landmass …

50,000 BC: Kumari Kandam civilisation
20,000 BC: A lost Tamil culture of the Easter Island which had an advanced civilisation
16,000 BC: Lemuria submerged…

– Kumarikandam

Indian version of Middle earth ..eh ?