Shakuntala Devi (film) – review

Guys, “Shakuntala Devi” is a phenomenal movie. I just loved it ! Its very classy, adequately researched and well-narrated. It falls a few inches short of masterpiece. I highly recommend and encourage you to go watch it.

This is going to be a very quick review.

The Good part

  1. No Nepotism ! – That’s a huge plus.
  2. Its the kind of biopic which Indian industry miserably failed to produce, so far. They were too busy making whitewashing biopics of people brought India the bad name.., A controversial Nepo-kid, Dons and Don(ness?) , corrupt cricketer etc
  3. Direction, Narration, Casting, acting , costume – all phenomenal

The Bad part

  1. Bollywood should start giving its dues to Regional Languages. As per them, our Audience can handle sporadic English, French and Spanish – but they can not handle couple of sentences in Kannada and Tamil ? For example, Shakuntala’s mother had just two lines in entire movie and she choses to speak in Hindi ! That family speaking with Hindi/English subtitle would’ve been so authentic.
  2. Background scores did not match the emotions. This is not a deal breaker, I am just nitpicking.

The Ugly Parts 

Production designers have done very bad job. They have shown total disregard towards the authenticity of artifacts shown in various parts of movie. Couple of them below. 

Shakuntala Devi Wedding Invitation
Horrible font error, probably a mistake of feeding wrong charterers to MS Word
Shakuntala Devi - Newspaper clippings
How did they manage to print a mirror image of one clipping, while others clippings were fine !

32 thoughts on “Shakuntala Devi (film) – review

  1. I really like your beautiful blog. A pleasure to come stroll on your pages. A great discovery and a very interesting blog. I will come back to visit you. Do not hesitate to visit my universe. See you soon.

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  2. After seeing your review, watched the movie.
    What an acting! What a direction, simply great.
    For someone who is not aware about Shakuntla Devi. The movie is an eye opener.
    It teaches
    1. Be fearless.
    2. Follow your dreams and passion.
    3. Have communication with your parents, dont misjudge them, later will be too late to repent.
    4. Children are God gift, understand their feelings and need to.
    5. Women are no less in any term in this world.
    6. Have faith in Almighty, he has a master plan for every accident which occurs in life. And extraordinary mind is surely a gift of God. If one has contribute for the welfare of the society. As she did in writing so many books.

    Thank you, your blog helped me to checkout this movie. Otherwise i seldom see movies.

    Thanks once again and keep up great blogs like this, as you touch different aspects of life. 🙏

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