Bollywood Aam Aadmi Party – Best parody ever

Ladies and Gentlemen,

TheViralFeverVideos presents the most hilarious parody ever.

Starring : Arnub Goswami, Another Chopra,  Arjun Kejriwal and Meenakshi Lekhika

Take a bow, guys.

5 thoughts on “Bollywood Aam Aadmi Party – Best parody ever

  1. NaMo replies !

    In a letter to Narendra Modi , Arvind Kejriwal raised three issues / questions , viz :,

    > If you were to become PM , will you reverse the decision on gas price ?

    > As a PM , what will you do to bring back the black money stashed in
    Swiss bank accounts ?

    > Who is financing BJP’s election campaign ? Is it Reliance ? What is the
    nature of your ” relationship ” with Mukesh Ambani ?

    No one – Arvind included – expects NaMo to reply

    But , if NaMo was bent upon committing a ” Political Harakiri ” , his reply would be short – and sweet – as follows :

    Dear Arvindji

    Thank you for writing

    I am glad that you consider my chances of becoming the next PM , to be so very high . It came as a breath of fresh air after listening to all those ” gallies ” from lowly Congress Netas

    Of course , by envisaging me as the next PM of India , you have run the risk of being called , the B team of BJP !

    But then , how can I stop an Aam Aadmi like you from dreaming !

    In a normal course , I would have liked to answer your letter , only AFTER , I became the PM ( – since , RTI would , in any case , oblige me to do so )

    However , since I consider you to be my ” friend ” ( – isn’t ” enemy of your enemy , a friend ” ? ) , here are my very relevant answers to your equally irrelevant questions :

    Q: 1

    Of course , not !

    Q: 2

    Of course , yes !

    Since every MP of BJP has signed an affidavit , saying he / she has not stashed away , any black money in Swiss banks

    So , obviously , all the black money lying in Swiss banks , must belong to the Congressmen – no ?

    ( please note : I have no knowledge of any banks other than Swiss banks )

    Q: 3

    Everyone knows who finances BJP’s election campaign !

    Same guys who are financing the election campaigns of Congress , SP , BSP , DMK , AIDMK , BJD , RJD , TMC , CPI (M) ..etc etc

    Since they have smaller donations , they are better placed to answer your questions

    I am taking the liberty to forward to them , copies of your letter , with a request to send their replies to you directly . In future, send copies yourself

    As to my relationship with Mukesh is concerned – he is just a friend

    Haven’t you heard , ” A friend in need is a friend indeed ” ?

    with regards ,

    Yours Transparently ,

    Narendra Modi

    PS :

    In case you are planning to sit on a dharana outside my office in near future , I am not attending CM’s office for the next 3 months

    Why didn’t you do the same ?

    Lastly – please do not leak out my reply to a certain TV anchor ( you know who ) , who , unashamedly digs out historical facts , to embarrass my party spokespersons like Meenakshi Lekhi / Smriti Irani etc .

    Very un-gallant !


    * hemen parekh ( 23 Feb 2014 )


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