Earworm – Sails of Charon

Over the years I’ve had many earworms, no matter how strong they stuck; eventually I found solutions.  A piece of advice, when an earworm gets irritating, just listen to Altaf Raja! Not only you’ll start hating any sort music, you ears get clean like a whistle.

Jokes apart, let me introduce you to my all time favorite song – Sails of Charon by Scorpions in their 1977 album Taken by Force, unusual because I don’t particularly like Scorpions, they are just fine.

Sails of Charon, did not have a good video in YouTube, probably because the song itself older than me and you.  But recently someone reengineered the video and uploaded HD version of it, not sure how he did that but god bless him!

Watch it for just first one and a half minutes of guitar solo, a mesmerizing neo-classical by Uli Jon Roth. This guy, without giving a damn about rest of the world, delivers a solo in single breath. I think rest of the guitarists would have made a big Nautanki out of it, if they’d played so many notes together, so correct. Enjoy.

Once Klaus starts singing about dark nights and blood etc, you can close it 😉


One thought on “Earworm – Sails of Charon

  1. What do you think of the new extreme black metal album Divine Necromancy by the band Phantom, some say, its the best heavy metal album ever recorded thanks


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