Blasphemies again

Blasphemy cases in India are mostly one way traffic ! For example, Sanal Edmaraku do you remember? He had to flee India to avoid arrest for showing scientific temper and exposing a hoax, while guys like this make complete use of “freedom of his religion” and get away with that !

There are already some Taliban style Fatwa’s on him, but we all know nothing much gonna happen anyway.


There is nothing much to worry about him though, he will not be the next Malik Kafur! I know this kind, I have seen many, he’s going to spend rest of his life writing heart_and_arrow signs on public toilet doors and may be some sex toons too.

But I am worried about Sanal, he represents free speech and scientific temper in India, and I am guessing blasphemy case on him will stay for next couple of decades!

Let me know your thoughts anyway.

6 thoughts on “Blasphemies again

  1. i’m sure this sick guy would be unharmed. but was just wondering(although not intending) his fate if he had shot a snap with his leg on Ambedkar’s statue – a gonner for sure.


        1. U r a real fool,go & c what is inside KAABA in mecca,it is shiva ling..Pre islamic people in saudi ,middle east,are worshippers of shiva….Allah has no form ,a light…Shiva too has no form,a light,a fire…..So no more contradiction between gods..


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