Molest the molesters !

While Assam police hunts for the molesters, discussion is still ON, if she deserved it or she din’t. The comments “because she was there out late night”, “she was in miniskirt”  and ” ’cause she was a loud-mouth” are really not uncommon! You must be already familiar with these cultural protectors who tend to forget women get molested even mid-afternoons, even if draped in Saree and even if she was at her home or college.

Back to molesters, they have really changed these days! They feel no shame facing camera during the act, in-fact they were acting like she was a trophy! One of them is “bond” in Facebook (make him famous):

Share it if you wish to. Read the comments if you have time, you can see shocking trend! Facebook users have written verdict “hang him!” , “castrate him!” etc etc. Most uncivilised among them was “do the same to his loved ones!”. Can you believe it ! There are actually people suggesting to molest loved ones of a person accused of molesting! Probably these are the guys who wanted to molest that night, but couldn’t, since there weren’t in right spot! Now that they missed chance, they want to start a pyramid structured molestation camp!

2 thoughts on “Molest the molesters !

  1. When people say “Do the same to his loved ones”, they betray their mentality that his “loved ones” belong to him and don’t have lives and identities of their own. More proof that women are only valued as an extension of the men in their lives…

    Where is the hope here?


  2. Maybe the intention in some comments might be to hurt him by hurting those he would not like to see hurt, but that or anything else does not justify such comments and attitudes, because it’s common in India, Afghanistan and Pakistan to punish a man by raping his female family members.


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