OMG! They found God!

In a lab!. Not entirely though, just his particles – the God Particles. 🙂

Anyhoo, this is the rationale behind naming it The God Particle:

……The Nobel Laureate Leon Lederman coined the phrase “The God Particle” as the title of his otherwise excellent book as a way of underscoring how essential the Higgs is in our Standard Model of Physics. You can get away with that sort of hype when you’re a Nobel prize winner. It also sold roughly 10 gajillion copies. He also got cutesy afterwards, and used to semi-seriously defend the name by saying that the publisher wouldn’t let him call it the goddamn particle….

Dr. Dave Goldberg on i09

One thought on “OMG! They found God!

  1. The above interactions form the basis of the standard model. Feynman diagrams in the standard model are built from these vertices. Modifications involving Higgs boson interactions and neutrino oscillations are commonly added. The charge of the W bosons are dictated by the fermions they interact with.


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