They are all the same !

  • Castle : a best-selling mystery novelist helps NYPD detectives to resolve crimes. !
  • Unforgettable : Former detective with rare medical condition who remembers everything, helps NYPD to resolve crimes.!
  • White Collar : A white collar con-man helps FBI to resolve White collar crime.!
  • Mentalist : Former Psychic helps CBI to helps resolve crimes!
  • Fringe : A mad scientist helps FBI helps resolve crimes !

Deja- vu s right ? … and yet we complain about Indian TV shows that they all are similar, and need to catch up !

BTW we have one show from India joins the aboe club:

CID : A “mentally special” ACP which short term memory loss helps CID to resolve crime. 😀

4 thoughts on “They are all the same !

  1. Here you go, one more
    Perception – Dr. Daniel Pierce is an eccentric neuroscientist who uses his unique outlook to help the federal government solve complex criminal cases.


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