Spot Kannada contest

A decade back Kannada was a perfectly healthy language, capable of supporting itself, with its own vocabulary…..!?!

(For those who confused and curious : Advert below is in English written in Kannada script)

Spot Kannada

image via banadi

3 thoughts on “Spot Kannada contest

  1. i think this is perfectly OK these days. it looks so artificial when i look at the ads in kannada channels when they try to translate the technical terms to kannada or sometime just to make sure they speak good kannada words in an hindi based ad, they end up using all bookish language which hardly anyone use! it doesn’t reach the masses.


  2. Good observation… Some years ago I realized samething is happening with me .. some words for example: control,call, repeat etc are inadvertently creeps in my kannada …. Even completing a single sentence in shudda kannad would be bit artifical and may defeat the purpose of communication ..


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