..even in his dreams!

I recall this from high-school days. This was written a couple of millennium ago, obviously they had too many fearless lions roaming around. So, every poet dreamt of being and living like a lion. Who knew they will(going to) become extinct so soon, to make this irrelevant.

एकोहमसहायोहं क्रुषोहमपरिच्छदः
स्वप्नेप्येवम्विदाचिन्ता म्रुगेन्द्रस्य नजायते

I don’t know author, no internet presence for this bit (that’s the reason this post).

Non dEvanAgari attempt :

ekOhamasahAyOhaM kruShOhamaparichChadaH
svapnEpyevamvidAchintA mrugendrasya najaayate

Sanskrit Poets somehow like to compress whole sentences in single words, just because the can :-).  If you want me to break it down a little:

Ekah(alone) aham(I am) asahAyah(helpless) aham(I am) krushaH(weak) aham(I am) aparichChadah(orphan)

svapne(dreams) api(also) evam(such) vida(kind) chinta(worry) mruga(animal) indrasya(king’s) na(no) jayate(occur).

Phew, that pain!

To summarise what did we learn ?

A Lion never ever thinks that he is alone, helpless, weak and group less – even in his dreams, even if he is (all those)!!

Good for him .. eh ?

2 thoughts on “..even in his dreams!

  1. Bhagwad Jal Park

    It never ceases to amaze me how different languages work in different ways. I’ve tried learning many languages in the past and so I see how the rules are different.

    What really turns my head around is that I speak English without thinking about it, and yet if I tried to explain to someone why a particular turn of phrase or a particular idiom is the way it is, I’m stumped!

    I would rather speak english and learn other languages than be in the unenviable position of speaking another language and having to learn English!


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