So you think you are a photographer, eh?

Question. What does it take to take a great photograph? I mean, apart from being present in right place at right time with right equipment? What makes a photo great? For example Niagara Falls looks great on its own, what is my value addition to make it look it more fantastic, apart from having bought an expensive camera? Another example, if my random shot of a “seagull” flying looks brilliant, can I take credits for it?

Look at me! I am having a camera and I write a post on “photography”!! :-).

This is not a “how to” post, I don’t have any authority to write about it. It’s rather a self assessment and sharing a great graph I found in blog land.

Warning: watching this graph can you cause severe urge of self assessment and could generate philosophical questions like “why do we click!”

Stages of a photographer

Image via I Love charts. Click on image to enlarge.

It has three simple trends: “how good you actually are”, “how good you are” and “your knowledge”, all against time. I trust this, because I can name sample points in this graph for my friends throughout this graphs. By that I mean, I have friends with great techniques and great photographs, and on other side I also have few friends click photos with their head inserted in the foreground and call it a photo! I feel every one will fit into one or the other point in this graph (after initial denials).

Self assessment: I personally (I think) am at “I take shitty photos” stage. I still take most of the photos in auto mode, cats and flower mostly. While doing that, I can feel happy for having experimented on exposure and light. Not great things to brag about, but one day I will be a good photographer. Watch for this space

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