Benny Hinn – praising Parmeshwar

I did not know translation of word God is “Parmeshwar” 🙂

This is a clip from a night packed with miracles, and it was in Bangalore (Now BengaLuru). A bunch of Kannadigas were completely healed that night ! If Benny Hinn, had stayed couple of days more in India, hospitals could have shut, for good!

I dint understand why we had to import a healer from America, while we have abundance of them in India ? Our home grown Babas can do all these, plus they will give you some holy ash from zero – as complementary.

Few comments:

  • He himself did not know what exactly he was healing isn’t it ? He was asking that lady ” what was your problem, again? What did I just heal?”
  • Patients did not practice too well. See this one, where you can see they are actually getting “healed with their old troubles and now beginning of new ones”!!
  • A youtube comment says “Zakir Naik should debate with Bennyn Hinn : so v can decide whats the truth is.”. Genius genius.

8 thoughts on “Benny Hinn – praising Parmeshwar

  1. In theatrical sense, there are artists from Hollywood performing in Bollywood and vice versa – why do we see this as different. Good(?!!) fun isn’t it?


    1. Fun apart, this drama manifests itself in different forms according to the intellect levels of the individuals. While we find this little funny, we may be part of a cult altogether.
      ‘wherever common sense prevails, life exists in full’



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