Indians are highly moral

This guy stole my thoughts

Indians are highly moral. Morality in India is everything to do with sex. Morality has nothing to do corruption, cheating, bribes, or dowries. Sex is bad. Hand-holding is bad. Discussing sex is bad. Kissing is bad. Indian families look down upon sex (though they happen to make so many babies). But then they sit as a whole family in front of a TV to watch soft porn on a daily basis. Body gyrations, pelvic thrusts, and other sexual innuendos are all lapped up. Newspapers like TOI bombard them with nude women on a daily basis. But sex is bad. And Indians are highly moral.

Please read Indians are highly moral

5 thoughts on “Indians are highly moral

  1. Well that’s quite interesing, where did you get this piece from? I”m Indian although not from India, However my family most definitely does not look down upon sex for that matter, we treat it as most other cultures do…. TALK about it!


  2. Still some Indians are better than you people. I am a 31 yrs old male still a virgin, working in an MNC CMMI 5 orgainisation in Delhi but belong to South India. I am sure that you are not a person of virtue and if you don’t belong to India, I am sure none in your country will be a virgin at the age of 30 years and even if they are they may be impotent. even though the life style has changed we still live as a family that even the westerners envy about India.


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