My Daddy Stoongest!!

When was the last time you exclaimed “Oh my god” in public ? and which god was it ? You don’t now ?? well , you better know it. Some one might sit on your neck and prove your exclaim is very offensive to him. Also it would be politically and theologically incorrect and big time violation of his rule he has read.

Here is a guys who went on proving the same stuff all over again. To mention some:

  1. God came and told me “I am god. If any other gods come and claim that they are also gods, its wrong. please note down there is no god other than me”. Now there if there are any , that is a violation.

  2. God said that he doesn’t have a face , if any other gods claim to have face thats again violation, since my god said so.

so on , you ll find many such logical reasoning in this video.

This directly from senate. Someone’s god gets offended while Rajan Zed wanted pray for his God.

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13 thoughts on “My Daddy Stoongest!!

  1. Hi Srik,
    I understand what you want to say here. You are going by the way you are looking at a religion. For you it is independent of God, and you are not bothered what others preach. You are a convinced sole that religion is way of live and nothing to do with an entity called God. But think of billion of others whom religion is the set of rules, which are meant to be followed by all followers, and somebody came and told them that it is actually dictated by GOD. So tell me shall I take religion as set of rules blindly followed (which apparently dictated by God) by billions, or shall I take it as just a way of life as you have defined.

    And by the sentence “GOD said so” I really dint mean God said so. What I meant was people believe God said so, or someone convinced people that God said so.

    For any topic of religion or God there can be always arguments “God dint tell that actually” , “it not written that way in books”, “our holy book dint mean that way” , ” it is wrongly interpreted” . I refuse to accept all these reasoning. Ultimately end of the day what matters is what is interpreted and followed, and not “what it is originally meant”. It is wrong of those Gods (I meant holy books creators) to write so confusing which can be interpreted wrong way (e.g. women freedom etc) or It is so wrong of people who don’t bother to think what to follow.

    To be continued upon your response …


  2. I see it all as follows :

    I agree with you when you say that this is our life, and we must properly shape it out. But when, considering its short span, we can not go on creating all good things for ourselves. We sometimes have to be coachable for some good thoughts. Bundles of research spanning over ages, is there out in libraries, religious texts are a part of these. We cant just ignore what is written there on the basis of one particular point to which you have an objection to.

    Aano Bhadraah Kratavo yanthu Vishwatah“, as the saying goes, let noble thoughts flow from all parts of the universe. Why should we waste time in judging whether someone is correct or wrong, lets take what is apt and useful for us to make our lives better.

    In Geetha, Krishna gives Arjuna all the knowledge in the form of Karma yoga, Bhakti yoga, etc.. gives the ‘ways to live’, and finally says… I have asked you to follow these, but it is finally left to you to follow it or not!!

    Isnt this as democratic as we seek to be? You need not follow what is written in Geetha or Granth saheb or a Quran or live a biblical life. But, there is nothing wrong in embracing a holy book, learning good things written there, to adopt in ‘our way of living’. I pray in God in a particular fashion doesnt mean I must follow what a priest of that God says, it depends on how I wish to acknowledge him. God can be seen in a Mother, in a Father, or in a friend or some one else… No definition is enough for it..

    So, my point here is, why shud you ignore something just because a part of it is flawd and couldnt be applied to a particular time. They say, Mahabharata contains everything that happen in all the times, meaning, there is nothing in the happening that is not written in Mahabharata. You can name one incidence, there is some reference in that book, conceptually or directly. That is why it is still in existance even after a few milleniums of its origin.

    You can’t rule out some one as a fool that follows a particular path. It is ‘his’ way of living. Dont be ignorant of the fact that there are millions who think you are fool to be following something stubbornly.


  3. Hey this Paul is the upcoming BinLaden. 🙂 There was no reference to a particular God in the speech. so why scratch head? God need not be( and is not) the one shown in TV with all jewellary, crown, rule maker… it is a belief, a moral support which guides through your life. The understanding of God can be as easy as Love. The definition of God can be as difficult as Love. the video was very funny. all i felt was pity for the poor paul for his shallow understanding of the great culture of India.


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