Hyderabad blues

This story dates back to two years. I was in Hyderabad then. Those were really wonderful days and we used to call it as “Paid holidays”.

This is about one funny incident (accident), which is still number second most embarrassing moments (first one was i got a degree 😉 ). Alright come to the point.. one fine day me and one my colleagues were left for a dinner and suddenly we realized the lift jammed between two floors, power went off. That “colleague” was a “she”, and as expected she started off with “mummyy…:-( “. I too was reluctant to shout for help, cause i din’t want my leg gets pulled ( I love the other way round). We waited for some time , power dint come nor any help. I too was fed up.. how long can you keep singing “Hum tum .. ek kamre me bandh ho….”. We called for help ( hutch has good network )

there starts the story. Did they come..? , yes they all came holding popcorn and coke, as if they are coming to a zoo or cinema. (To mention one of my best friend called me and .”what raa… lifta.. sikkibiddadda…?? lovvaa…” and also “shit , i missed the whole show.” show ????

They all literally acted like they are looking at a rare animal. Only thing remaining was they poke us with a stick and throw peanuts. Watchman miya came and he too joined them for the party.

See the image, the guy who is laughing his stomach out is my best friend. watchman refused to release us initially said “Baite raho miya … hum log disturb nahee karenge ”

Group shot , before they released us.

17 thoughts on “Hyderabad blues

  1. okk…here are some facts!! there was no “mummy :-(” thing from my side…probably bachodi describing his situation….n my side of the story…well…almost the same story…n all r so called frnds well totally enjoying the show clicking pics…as u all can c…but the one enjoying the most was ofcourse bachodi!! 😉


  2. Funny stuff.. As Veena says if it was Tata Indicom, Kajol would have handed the phone to you via the roof…

    Bach too bad there were so many people around ?? 😉


  3. @yadu,
    Thanks , I kind of liked that attention. and No i havent seen it , name of the movie please

    @Mohan ,
    Depends on the person you got stuck with I guess 😉

    Initially yes, new experience and a cute girl. But when I saw these people had no plans to bring us to ground , i was irritated.
    and yes I love blue shirts.

    FYI, You got your degree too, same college and same year. How come you are suddenly disappeared in blogospheare ( internet also )

    SHE has commented, Thats all she had to say I guess.

    I have kept you anonymous , so no need to deny “mummy thing”. Thanks for coming to my blog and reading your story 😉

    Alas, One way its for good. If too many people were not there, I would not be able to convince my current GF, “see I am a decent guy ” he he


  4. @Yadu,
    Yes sire I have seen the movie. I watched the whole movie in 20 mins. I forwarded sonds, fights .. and only 20min left he he.
    By the way do you blog”?


  5. no I don’t.. not good with writing.. I like to read them..I discovered blogs only a few months ago..It’s all new to me. still not motivated to start one..


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