Bachodi’s 1st theory of De-evolution

Women going to loose strength in their right arm(in the coming generations), unless they stop using multipurpose pink looking vanity bags (and start swinging arms evenly).
Its simple Darwin theory of evolution – “don’t use? Loose it”. Homo sapiens had tails, they lost it , why ? they dint use it ;-).

My goodness…!!!! I am going to be famous for this discovery 😉

Woman with bag, originally uploaded by is a brahmin.

10 thoughts on “Bachodi’s 1st theory of De-evolution

  1. you are crazy I say.. you and your thoughts..!

    🙂 More or less you will be behind something, like the ladies, the GOD, the beleifs, the cartoons and what not..?? Variety of topics and added to that crazy ideas!!!!


  2. I totally support this theory. Nature is at work again. This time its de-evolution. Through the eyes of Bachodi, The Father of De-Evolution


  3. …those who ride on their pink scooty peps or activas with the vanity bag hung on their shoulders are likely to face this a little earlier…


  4. Good observation…but why do you observe only this in a woman….there are lot more interesting and entertaining features…….:-)


  5. @Veena,
    Ayyo yakri sittu madkothira ? I was just kidding … just a jovial post.

    Thanks , but credit does not go to me.

    Welcome to my blog. Thanks for the comment cheers.

    Haha… do you remember prity zinta’s add. “pink se panga mat lena “ . She’s gonna find you. Be diplomatic if you are a pink hater 😉

    Yes sir, absolutely. I just felt like pulling legs, that’s all.


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