South-Indians , North-Indians and hypocrisies

Nobody needs to teach Indian hypocrisy and stereotyping; it’s a gift in their blood. We love to laugh at another person’s mole on his nose, while we are standing in a pit full of cow dung. South Indians disliking north Indians, North Indians don’t like south Indians and both together dislike north-east Indians. In fact North-east Indians itself is new usage, for the rest of India they are just “Chinkis”. It’s not racist, just sense of humor.

One more thing common among all of them is “my daddy … Strooongest!!!’. We have the best culture, language, community and nature; we are best analyzers, psychologists and of course rest of them live in a fish pond. Those people don’t like Mohanlal to be hero in this age are O.K with Rishi Kapur dancing with girl of his grand daughter’s age. We are O.K with Salman Khan’s pink trouser but Vijaykanth’s yellow shirt is so funny.

One of the most general and popular “happy to be ignorant” story is about a place called Madras in India. People live there are madarassis. For south Indians it is one metropolitan city which is now named as Chennai. But unfortunately for north Indians it is a wide unexplored area comes in south to Maharashtra and Orissa. (For north east Indians it does not matter. Geographically south India has four different states and six to seven different languages, for north Indians it is just madras. The rest of the India thinks whole madras speaks one language Tamil and they survive with Idly Sambar Vada. We made a big deal when Celebrity big brother’s sister did not learn Shilpa’s name isn’t it?

Knowing Hindi is one more misconception around. People worried why rest of the world not bothered learn Hindi. Well why should they? States are organized as linguistic regions. Every state has its own language; they are official and national language as Hindi. Why complain people over there don’t understand my language?

This kind of assumptions and misconceptions works other way round also. Kashmiri’s don’t love India, Bengali’s don’t take bath, Assamee’s are extremists etc. Generally this or any of such issues are fought in mails and posts. One starts and there will be avalanche of mails/comments, cause it’s easy to write offending mails/posts.

This post ( This is Indian Racism) I can mention here is a person who is pissed off with the terrorism panic in Bangalore. People of North Indian origin is asked to register details in nearby police station (to be sure he has no records) and this guy goes Fs ad Bs. There was an analysis and it was found any of south Indians did not participate in freedom fights.

Now my message to those living out in their ponds like the frogs who never knew what it is like being outside….

You guys ever knew how a war is fought (65, 71, Kargil )? None from South Indian community was ever engaged in Struggle for Freedom

The stupids of North India fight for India, die for India and u guys say they all are terrorists and you are different coz they are Northies. huh!!! Thanklessness Personified!!!! God forbid, if anything like Tsunami occurs again, from North Indian people’s side, nothing will change. These Pseudo Indians will ask for Rice from North Indians. And then we North Indians will donate it and don’t worry we will not poison it then.

Grow up you South Indians…I wish u cud…

Update: all Fs and Bs are deleted in his post.

Strange analyses and may be it explains lot of things. Biharis getting kicked in Assam can be argued right back since Battle of Plassy ( seventeen hundreds I guess ), don’t ask me connection . And of course why marathi’s hate kannadiga’s in belagam ( currently Belagavi I guess ) is because kannadiga’s did not fight for Shivaji against Aurangazeb five hundred years back. May be they did but that is not a point.

One mails also I want to mention here. Some techie living in Chennai, has lot of complaints. Some of them may be valid, the others I tried to answer here (and send him a link to this post )

Language – Tamil, Tamil and Tamil. Even if they know Hindi, they dont speak up.

Aren’t there any place where India where Hindi Hindi and only Hindi , or Bengali Bengali and only Bengali ? When you are not learning a local language when you are living in it , why are you expecting them to learn a language which is rarely used in their town. and about “even if they know Hindi they dont speak is highly exaggerated. There are some proud , conservative people but they are exceptional cases. Why would an auto driver or a cigarette shop owner ( Most of the time you interact with only these ) does not talk to you in Hindi ( even if he knows ) . There is life he has and he needs to earn to live.

Food – Idly, sambhar, rice, dosa, vada, pongal We have to cook our food ourselves (unbelievable naa). “Even dogs eat curd rice ,”

Once we saw a girl in the food court, she was looking and acting like a north Indian. My friend became exited and planned to talk to her, but just then we noticed her breakfast and then “dil ke armaan aansuon mein beh gaye”, she was having pongal. (disguise!!)

What about places where only roti, naan, alu parantha? Dude what will you do if you go to Italy ? eat pizza / pasta or complain that you don’t get Tanduri items

We asked an auto driver, “Hindi aati hai”?. He replied in Hindi “Hindi nahi aati”.

At least that. If a tamilian comes to Delhi or Mumbai and asks “Tamil terima ?/kannada barutta ” will he reply as ” teriyad/gottila ” . He will say ” go to hell / bhad me jao ” isn’t it ?

The most common suffix here is ‘a’, e.g. straight – straighta 2 cup tea – 2 cupa tea

Local language influence. Have you ever defined “Istyle ” and “Iskool “

When there is a ‘t’ in any name, they add ‘h’ to it. jayant – jayanth bharat – bharath . Here is a culture of adding mystical alphabets after ones’s name, like Mahesh R, Sandeep T etc.

Why do always people think their language is best and according to UNICODE standards ? Does people here write ” athal ” for ” atal bihari “. I have written about it here as What’s wrong with your name

Some more of them I don’t want to answer(and which also doesn’t need one ).

Here you cannot buy a needle after 6 PM (strange) No life after 9 PM.

Weather - summer from October to feb and rest of the year it’s deadly summer.
Cable connection is of no use here as only tamil channels are broadcasted on cable TV, if anyone wanna watch hindi channels then you need to buy a set up box (Rs.4000).

People – We never heard anyone laughing here (I wonder if they ever laugh or shout) So conservative, that noone talks even in the bus

239 thoughts on “South-Indians , North-Indians and hypocrisies

  1. Vivek Yadav

    I believe North Indian are dominating the whole country from he start, they struggled for Indian independence, they are who fought war from there disgusting neighbors, they are who are into administrative power of the countries, 8 out of 14 prime ministers were from north India, Bollywood and tolly hood 80percent of actor\actress from north India,and ever India is known is known from North India and North Indian’s are always, North Indians always think about whole India and not about regional states, like Mr. Raj Thakre. North Indian’s are wealthy and have powers in India but also they are always down to earth and love India. and help and support and contribute in India’s development..

    lets stop this topic and start thinking about India. Jai Hind!!!

  2. JACKY


  3. mm

    silly arguements between south and north indians whose languages is better. Tamil is an ancient language next is Greek. south indians are peace loving people. North indians always like fight to fight.

  4. mm

    silly arguements between south and north indians whose languages is better. Tamil is an ancient language next is Greek. south indians are peace loving people. North indians always like fight.

  5. Darvesh Shah

    South Indians are donkeys but donkeys aint as black and ugly like south Indians. India has currently 55 billionaires. 51 of those 55 billionaires are north Indians. South Indians are only the donkey workers of large firms put up by the Northies. South Indians speak English with a different idli wada tone with added ayiayios, aiya muthu swami. Most of South Indians are muthu tambi waiters or sh*t carriers. We talk about looks or complexion, then the South Indians are second to none in terms of ugliness. South Indians have all cow dung spread over there faces which makes them so black and Ugly. South Indians have their faces always painted with black cow dung and they stink of sh*t. Talk about strength and fitness, most south Indians are weak and short and even suffer from impotency . Coconuts keep falling on their heads and eventually they reach their average height of 4 feet. All the indian Olympic medalists of 2008 olympics were north indians. South indians really suck.

    Retarded south indians are only good at IT and yes they are on top positions in those companies ultimately working for a non-south indian owner’s company LOL. South assholes s.u.c.k when it comes to business, look at chutiya Vijay Mallya such a failed chutiya he is. The south indian motherf.u.c.k.e.r.s are such cowards, they can only run their fingers here and take out their frustrations, but for real they s.u.c.k a brave d.i.c.k. I have kicked so many south indian retards in their assess during my grad and post grad. South indian movies are such a joke, one man making cars humans dinosaurs fly LOL ugly women who even make my Television set stink are always under the threat of rape BIG LOL give me a billion to r.a.p.e them I bet you I got no fukin guts to get close to them.

    South indians really stink, believe me they do, always a typical pukable smell from their body. They aint like smooth skinned africans, they are more of burned skin retards sufferring from utter inferiority complex. Invaders did not r.a.p.e women from south LOL u need to be blind or dumb like a sheep to lay your hands on ugliest women class in India.

    One chuttad southie working in my team, while we use ‘Sir’ to address our manager he says ‘Saar’ lol and we all break in laughter. Bc log are too educated to start their own businesses, too inferior to confront people, so many south indian ugly women hitting on hunkie north indian guys in corporates. Too coward to get into a physical fight, too stinky to woo a good looking woman, too isolated to be a part of other groups. Whenever I see an anna in my company sitting isolated in cafeteria with his political shit brain trying to make out smthing I feel like kicking on his sh*t face. We northies can go anywhere to find jobs and earn handsome salaries coz we got guts in our ass unlike coward south indians who dont wanna come out of their shell and just bark like a freak dog on social networking sites.

    Aiyo anna teri amma ki gaand me ganna.. Jai Hind

  6. Jubo Bangla

    Remember ‘BENGALIS ARE NOT NORTH INDIANS’ They are the second largest ethnic group in the World after the Chinese (inc. all Bengalis in the Greater Bengal Region). ONLY THING COMMON BETWEEN BENGALIS AND Non-South Indians.

  7. Jubo Bangla

    Remember ‘BENGALIS ARE NOT NORTH INDIANS’ They are the second largest ethnic group in the World after the Chinese (inc. all Bengalis in the Greater Bengal Region). ONLY THING COMMON BETWEEN BENGALIS AND North Indians is they are Non-South Indians.

  8. Manu

    I have been living in North Indian(Noida) for about 6 years. The one thing I learned from here is if you have to live in north Indian You should be rude. Here people wont care about what others feel,They are narrow minded , They are selfish and they think they are superior of all and gives no respect to fellow people. I had such an incident at my office, He irritated me in such a way that, he started against my work, telling I took a lot time,so that he couldn’t complete his. Actually he was doing the design and he was the one who has to complete it at first, he doesnt have to wait for me since I do functionalities. But to protect his image infront of his boss he started blaming on me with rude manner, After hearing all these I couldn’t resist and I had to slap him like anything. The one thing which made me wonder is, other fellow north indians started supporting him even though they knew he is responsible for everything. Finally my boss understood the real situation and he fired him.

  9. Anonymous

    world microsoft CEO is from Andhra Pradesh a south indian state.RBI governor is tamilian ..south indians are toppers in IIT results every year..stupid thing is all hindi films ,serials are commenting south indians with out having any knowledge.


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